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What Is A Casting Ball Valve
Dec 03, 2018

Casting ball valve is the material in the mold overall pouring molding valve, the general casting valve pressure level is relatively low (such as PN16, PN25, Pn40,pn64 but also has high pressure, can be to 1500Lb, 2500Lb), most of the caliber is DN15 or more.

Take the brand valve of Vton in the United States as an example, the main materials of the casting valve are cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, 304,304l,316,316l. Forging ball valve is forging out, generally used in the high grade of the pipe road, the caliber is relatively small, generally in the DN50 below. But there are also some imported big brands, forged caliber with large caliber, such as the United States Wei Dong Vton forging ball valve caliber from dn15-500. Forged valve material is generally divided into A105, forging stainless steel, p91,f91, etc.

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