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What Are The Selection Principles For General Valve Blanks
Dec 03, 2018

(1) The material of the part and the organization and performance requirements of the material. The parts and materials specified on the design plan largely determine the type of blank. For example, if the part material is cast iron, the blank must be made by casting method. For steel parts, the mechanical properties of the material should be taken into account when selecting the blank. For example, parts for the manufacture of high pressure valves should generally be selected in the daytime forgings or welds to ensure that the material has good mechanical properties. 

(2) The structure shape and dimensions of the part. The structural switch of the part is an important factor affecting the selection of the blank, for example, the die body with complex structure switch can choose the castings. Large size valve body can be selected sand type casting, the small size of the use of molten casting. 

(3) The size of the production program. The larger the production program of parts, the better the economic effect of using the method of high precision and high efficiency rough manufacturing. 

(4) Conditions for the manufacture of blanks. Should be based on the site of good equipment and process level to choose the blank, and take into account the development prospects and gradually adopt advanced rough manufacturing methods.

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