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The Main Difference Between Casting Ball Valve And Forging Ball Valve
Dec 03, 2018

Casting is the material in the mold of the overall pouring molding, its stress distribution is uniform, there is no limit to the direction of compression.

And forgings are crushed by the force in the same direction, and the stress inside it is directional and can only withstand directional pressure. The same material, the same wall thickness of castings and forgings, in the strength and crystalline structure, forgings are better than castings. For valves, the wall thickness of the castings valve of the same pound and the same material is thicker than that of the forgings.

Its compressive strength is equal to that of forgings. Casting for the casting process requirements are relatively high, the characteristics of the large can be made more complex shape, valve body structure and flow channel are irregular, casting can be molded once, as long as the process clearance, you can cast a large caliber valve body.

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