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Structural Characteristics Of Pressure Sealing Valves
Dec 03, 2018

(1) Under high pressure and when the temperature and pressure fluctuate, the sealing performance is good, the seal is reliable.

(2) compared with the forced seal, no middle flange and link bolts, so that the valve weight reduction, compact structure, especially in the large-caliber high-pressure valve, more obvious advantages.

(3) due to the removal of the connecting bolts, does not need a large bolt pretightening force, so the loading and unloading is convenient.

(4) valve body, floating valve cover and sealing ring contact parts can be surfacing 18-8 austenitic stainless steel or surfacing cemented carbide, to achieve an absolute hard seal structure. (5) The sealing ring is designed to open a 1~2 ring groove on the outer cylindrical surface, the inner surface angle of 260C, the use of pure iron or stainless steel acid-resistant steel materials, can reach 0 leakage seal. can also be used 900C flexible graphite clamp stainless steel wire, temperature can reach about 590 ℃.

(6) in the valve temperature below 200 ℃, the sealing surface can be used PTFE, polyvinyl chloride, that is, reduce the machining accuracy, but also reduce the processing cost. 

(7) Sealing ring in the premise of ensuring working conditions, its surface hardness is lower than the valve body and valve cover seal contact hardness, so that it is easy to produce plastic deformation, but also has sufficient strength.

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