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How Valves Are Installed
Dec 03, 2018

1, direction and position many valves have directivity, such as Globe valves, throttle valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, etc., if installed inverted reverse, will affect the use of the effect and life (such as throttle valve), or do not work at all (such as pressure relief valves), and even cause danger (such as check valves). General Valve, there is a direction sign on the valve body; In case there is no, it should be correctly identified according to the working principle of the valve. The valve cavity of the cut-off valve is asymmetrical, the fluid to let it from the bottom through the valve mouth, so that the fluid resistance is small (determined by the shape), open labor-saving (due to the media pressure upward), closed after the media non-pressure filler, easy to repair. This is the reason why the cutoff valve is not anti-security. Other valves also have their own properties. 

2, construction work installation and construction must be careful, avoid hitting the valve made of brittle materials. Before installation, the valve should be checked, check the specification model, identification of damage, especially for the stem. Also turn a few times to see if it is skewed, because in the transport process, the most easy to hit the crooked stem. Also clear the debris inside the valve. When the valve is lifted, do not tie the rope to the handwheel or stem so as not to damage the parts and should be fastened to the flange. For the pipe connected to the valve, be sure to clean up. Compressed air can be used to blow iron oxide crumbs, mud sand, solder slag and other debris. These debris, not only easy to bruise the sealing surface of the valve, which is large granular debris (such as solder slag), but also can block the small valve, so that its failure. When installing the screw valve, the sealing filler (line hemp plus lead oil or PTFE raw material belt) should be wrapped in the pipe thread, do not get into the valve, so as not to avoid valve memory product, affect the media circulation. 

3, protection facilities Some valves must also have external protection, which is insulation and cooling. Thermal steam pipelines are sometimes added to the insulation layer. What kind of valve should be insulated or cold, depending on the production requirements. In principle, where the medium in the valve to reduce the temperature is too much, will affect the production efficiency or freeze the valve, it needs to be insulated, or even accompanied by heat, where the valve is exposed, adverse production or cause frosting and other undesirable phenomena, it is necessary to protect cold. Insulation materials have asbestos, slag cotton, glass cotton, perlite, diatomite, vermiculite and so on; cooling materials have cork, perlite, foam, plastic and so on. Water and steam valves that are not used for a long time must be released.

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