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How To Maintain Valves
Dec 03, 2018

1, Custody and maintenance of the purpose of maintenance, is not to let the valve in the custody of damage, or reduce the quality. In fact, improper storage is one of the important reasons for valve damage. Valve storage, should be in order, small valves placed on the shelves, large valves can be neatly arranged on the warehouse floor, can not be stacked stacking, do not let the flange connection surface contact the ground. This is not only for the sake of aesthetics, but mainly to protect the valve from bad. Due to improper storage and handling, handwheel break, stem touch crooked, handwheel and stem fixed nut loose loss and so on, these unnecessary losses should be avoided. For short-term suspension of the valve, should be removed asbestos filler, so as not to produce electrochemical corrosion, damage to the stem. For the valve just into the library, to carry out inspection, such as in the transport process into the rain or dirt, to wipe the test clean, and then to store. 

2, the use of maintenance and maintenance purposes, is to extend the life of the valve and ensure reliable opening and closing. Stem thread, often with stem nut friction, to apply a little yolk oil, molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder, play a lubrication role. Valves that do not often opening and closing, but also regularly turn the hand wheel, the valve rod thread to add lubricant, in case of bite. Outdoor valve, to the stem to add protective sleeve, to prevent rain, snow, dust rust. If the valve is mechanically active, add lubricating oil to the gearbox on time. Always keep the valve clean. Always check and maintain the integrity of other parts of the valve.

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