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Basics Of Ball Valves
Dec 03, 2018

Ball valve is the control device of fluid pipeline, its basic function is to connect or cut off the circulation of pipeline media, change the circulation of media, change the flow direction of the medium, adjust the pressure and flow of the medium, and protect the normal operation of the pipeline equipment. 

A large number of industrial ball valves are used in the steam engine, nearly twenty or thirty years, due to oil, chemical, power station, metallurgy, ships, nuclear energy, aerospace and other aspects of the needs of the valve put forward higher requirements, prompting people to study and produce high-parameter ball valves, its operating temperature from ultra-low temperature-196 ℃ to 700 ℃, Even up to 1430 ℃, working pressure from ultra-vacuum 1.33x10-8mpa (1X10-1㎜HG) to ultra-high pressure 42.00MPa, valve diameter from 6mm to 800mm, even to 1200mm, ball valve materials from cast iron, carbon steel development to titanium and titanium alloy, high-strength corrosion-resistant steel, etc. Ball valve Drive mode from manual development to electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, program-controlled, CNC, remote control and so on.

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