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Preparation of ball valves before installation
Dec 03, 2018

⑴ The front and rear lines of the ball valve are ready. The front and rear piping shall be coaxial and the sealing surface of the two flanges shall be parallel. The pipe should be able to withstand the weight of the ball valve, otherwise the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support.

⑵ the valve front and rear pipeline sweep clean, remove the pipe in the oil, solder slag and all other impurities. 

⑶ Check the logo of the ball valve to find the ball valve intact. The valve is fully closed several times to confirm that it is working properly.

⑷ remove the protective parts on the flange at both ends of the ball valve. ⑸ Check the valve hole to remove possible dirt and then clean the valve hole. A foreign body between the seat and the ball, even if only tiny particles, may damage the seat seal surface.

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