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How the valve industry develops in the future
Dec 03, 2018

In China's current valve market, in addition to low-pressure valves to reach the international market acceptable level, high-pressure valves still need to rely on imports. In the context of sustained macroeconomic optimism, most of the valve industry's production and sales indicators have maintained a relatively rapid growth, but affected by the price war, the industry sales revenue and profits fell sharply from the same period last year.

With the recovery of the world economy, China's valve products import and export has also increased, but because of high-end technology and foreign manufacturers still exist a large gap, in the future period, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of valve products in China. From the product situation, China's valve industry has now been able to produce more than 10 categories of products, such as gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, safety valve, pressure relief valve, needle valve, regulator valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, solenoid valve, trap, plunger valve, plug valve, forging steel valve, needle valve, instrument valve, level meter, flowmeter, exhaust valve, flame retardant , knife type gate valve, slurry valve, copper valve, balance valve, stainless steel valve, lining fluorine liner valve, pipe clamp valve, American standard valve, power station valve, breathing valve, hydraulic control valve, vacuum valve, discharge valve, pneumatic angle seat valve, insulation valve, filter, bottom valve, balance valve, sewage valve, etc., the maximum use temperature reached 570 ℃, the lowest is 196 ℃ With a maximum pressure of 600MPa and a maximum diameter of 5350 mm. In addition, according to the relevant department statistics, China's annual valve market turnover of about 50 billion yuan, of which more than 10 billion yuan of the market by foreign valve enterprises occupied.

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