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We have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, GB / T 24001-ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB / T28001 occupation health and safety management system certification and we have obtain API6A, API6D, CE certificate and logo use right. The ball valves and butterfly valve also obtain API6FA/API607 fire safe certificate approve by German TUV.
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  • Carbon Steel Gate Valve

    Universal trim: 13Cr stem, wedge in CA 15 or 13Cr faced, and alloy seat API Trim 8 suitable for applications up to 850°F (454°C).


  • Pressure Seal Globe V...

    The pressure seal globe valves are designed in accordance with BS1873 and ASME B16.34 for service of high temperature and high pressure and are...

  • Low Temperature Swing...

    All basic design features of cast steel swing check valves are adapted to special service conditions at cryogenic temperatures.


  • Cast Steel Floating B...

    Principle of the cast steel floating ball valve: This kind of floating ball valve has a ball supported by two valve seats.


  • 3 Piece Floating Ball...

    The three piece floating ball valve are designed in accordance with ANSI B 16.34/EN 12516-1; Simple structure with good tightness and small...

  • NPT End Floating Ball...

    Two piece floating ball valve NPT ends design for fast and convenient in-line maintenance

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  • Ball Valve

    The high pressure trunnion mounted ball valve has been designed three piece body type and with two floating seats, which are movable under the pressure of medium.

  • Gate Valve

    Flexible Wedge for improved seating and ease of operation, especially in high temperature service. Wedges are accurately guided thru the entire stroke.

  • Globe Valve

    Alternate valve materials such as chrome and stainless steel alloys -Alternate trim materials -Bypass, drain and other auxiliary connections -Gear, motor

  • Check Valve

    Retainerless body Design with no external body penetrations eliminating the possibility of outside leakage. Disc assembly secured in place by high strength key.


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    What Are The Selection Principles For General Valve Blanks

    The material of the part and the organization and performance requirements of the material. The parts and materials specified on the design plan largely determine the type of blank. For example, if the part material is cast iron, the blank must be made by casting method.

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    Working Principle Of Pressure Sealing Valve

    Before the boost, tighten the holding bolt, the floating valve cover rises, so that between the valve cover and the elastic wedge pad, elastic wedge pad and valve body between the spin tight sealing force. When the dielectric pressure action,

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    Structural Characteristics Of Pressure Sealing Valves

    Under high pressure and when the temperature and pressure fluctuate, the sealing performance is good, the seal is reliable.

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    How To Maintain Valves

    Custody and maintenance of the purpose of maintenance, is not to let the valve in the custody of damage, or reduce the quality. In fact, improper storage is one of the important reasons for valve damage.

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    How Valves Are Installed

    Direction and position many valves have directivity, such as Globe valves, throttle valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, etc., if installed inverted reverse, will affect the use of the effect and life (such as throttle valve), or do not work at all (such as pressure relief valves), and even cause danger (such as check valves)

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    Basics Of Ball Valves

    ​Ball valve is the control device of fluid pipeline, its basic function is to connect or cut off the circulation of pipeline media, change the circulation of media, change the flow direction of the medium, adjust the pressure and flow of the medium, and protect the normal operation of the pipeline equipment.

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    Valve Industry Development Restricted

    Enterprises should adhere to the concept of innovation, innovation in product development and technological transformation, can actively work with scientific research units, institutions of higher learning to jointly develop new product projects, and strive to open up domestic and foreign markets

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    The Main Difference Between Casting Ball Valve And Forgin...

    Casting is the material in the mold of the overall pouring molding, its stress distribution is uniform, there is no limit to the direction of compression.

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    Which Types Of Forging Ball Valves Can Be Divided Into By...

    Open Forging (free forging). The use of impact or pressure to make the metal in the upper and lower two iron (anvil) between the deformation to obtain the required forgings, mainly hand forging and mechanical forging two kinds.

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